About Us

The story of the origin of BHATI SILVER is much like that of a growing bamboo tree.  Bamboo trees spend many years spreading their roots in the ground before anything is visible above ground. Once these roots have established a strong foothold, the bamboo tree grows rapidly strong and tall. 

The seeds of this company were sown by its founder, Gopal Bhati some 25 years ago.  His vision of many years became a reality in 2008.  While it may seem like it took a long time for the seed to become productive, all these years the roots were being strengthened with Gopal gaining extensive and in-depth knowledge of the Industry.  Today in a short span of 8 years the Company stands as strong as a bamboo tree in the jewellery industry.

Starting from the humble beginnings of being a Salesperson in a small office, Gopal has traversed through each facet of the jewellery industry – be it stone assortment, jewellery designing, CAD, manufacturing, or distribution.  His vast experience in dealing with clients from the various segments of jewellery became his inspiration for understanding that there is one aspect of the industry that is in eager need of development – Just in Time Manufacturing (JIT).

Bhati Silver today stands at the cusp of revolutionizing the jewellery industry.